overall view of Hydroforming Press (Servo Press)

Hydroforming Press

ISH Series

WETORI's Hydroforming Press: Large-Sized with Intensifier Mechanism for Perfect Precision

WETORI takes pride in its large-sized hydraulic deep-drawing press, equipped with an intensifier mechanism, making it an exceptional hydroforming press for various industries. This advanced machine offers remarkable advantages and unparalleled competitiveness in achieving perfect and high-precision results on workpieces.

One significant advantage of WETORI's hydroforming press is its large size. With a spacious working area and high load-bearing capacity, the machine accommodates sizable workpieces, enabling the production of large and complex parts with ease. This capability opens doors for diverse applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and heavy machinery.

Moreover, the hydroforming press's ability to internally form workpieces using water injection provides several competitive advantages. Firstly, it offers superior material utilization by minimizing waste, as the hydroforming press process optimizes the use of raw materials, reducing overall production costs. Additionally, the internal water injection enhances the workpiece's structural integrity and strength, leading to improved performance and longevity in demanding applications.

The model's versatility is also a noteworthy aspect. It caters to a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and heavy machinery, where complex and lightweight components are in high demand. By utilizing the hydroforming process, manufacturers can achieve intricate shapes, seamless contours, and lightweight designs, meeting the stringent requirements of modern applications.

Specifications of Hydroforming Press

Model Die Spotting Capacity
Pull-Out Capacity
Table Area
L.R. x F.B. (mm)
Descending Speed
Pressing Speed
Ascending Speed
Intensifier Capacity
Volune Booster
ISH-1000 1000 80 1800 X 1200 - 220 5 - 10 250 280 1.4 150
ISH-2000 2000 120 2000 X 1200 900 220 5 - 10 250 280 1.4 200
ISH-3000 3000 150 2500 X 1500 1000 220 5 - 10 280 300 3 300
ISH-4000 4000 180 3000 X 2000 1200 250 5 - 10 300 400 7 400
ISH-5000 5000 200 3500 X 2500 1200 250 5 - 10 300 400 7 500